1. We have requested to join the Drake FB page so that we can post things that are directly for the residents. We will not be monitoring the page for requests, however, any resident who has an ask should message our FB page, call 612-588-7821, or email admin@abepmn.org. If we can do it or know someone who does, we will make it happen.

2. Our donation update is that we have had $1435.46 in new donations. Total amount of donations received to date is $4250.76 These donations are what comes into our organization and individuals who donated selected these funds to be used to support the residents. We will continue to have this selection on our donation site until the end of February.

While it is not a large amount of money that is donated to our small non-profit, we have been able to help with things like phones, phone bills, storage costs, moving fees, court costs, electronics, amazon wish list items, and the cost of fees associated with obtaining new vital records.

Costs since last update: $5003.73 (we made up the rest with an organizational donation)

Storage facility fees: $220
Cell phones: $90
Court fees: $800
Moving fees and associated costs: $900.00
Laptops: $500 paid in advance
Amazon wish list: $1562.73
Previous total spent (see 01/13/2020 update) $931

3. We continue to offer notary services for those is need.

4. We have partnered with Starkey Hearing Technologies to replace hearing devices for the residents identified in need. No cost to this org or those in need. Thank you Andrea Morisette Grazzini for helping to coordinate.

5. LAPTOPS and DESKTOPS. ABEP is paying the cost so that every family/individuals can get these replaced. FREE GEEK Twin Cities, thank you for partnering. This offer does not expire. They are located at 2537 25th Ave S, with the entrance off the alley/parking lot side. Their store is open 12-5, Wednesday through Sunday. Thank you Michelle Warneke for making the connection.

6. We are working on getting cars donated that can be given to those who have identified this as a need. I will post updates as this develops.

7. If you believe in our mission and want to give, you can donate at www.paypal.me/abepmn You can select Drake Fire Support as an option.

8. Purchase an item from the Amazon list. Families are starting to find housing and this is a big way to help. ABEP has a business amazon account specifically for this effort and for many items we get business pricing. So if you would rather donate so that we can purchase more items, you are welcome to do that as well. https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/RIGVNRFVQIME?ref_=wl_share&fbclid=IwAR0ztZptB_P7NLbsxiNGbckZqyrVWl0e_BcrgVBylUOoAWEqA7SGBCUrc0w

9. THANK YOU. Thank you to every single volunteer and donor. These are trying times and it takes a village. Organizing this effort was all volunteer and we are honored to be a part of such a giving community and ecosystem of organizations and individuals who not just believe but operationalize selfless service.