$1,212.75 was the total donated specifically indicated for Drake fire support from all sources as of 12/01/2020.

The new total as of 6 pm today is $1552.55 via Paypal. We also received a $50 check specified for this purpose. Total funds dedicated specifically for Drake Fire support since 12/25/2019 is $2815.30.

Vital records request fees: $81
Storage fees for 2 residents: $350
Hot meal support through The Humanity Alliance: $500
Total spent: $931

Current balance of Drake fire support specific donations: $1884.30. We are giving our non-profit donors an option to have their donation to us be dedicated to the residents through Feb 28th. We had a list of direct pay links such as cash app and Paypal but not every resident had access to be able to have one of those and some residents felt it was not fair. We respect that and have not posted that information any further since that ask.

We continue to provide notary services and assistance with obtaining the necessary forms and connecting residents to resources. Non monetary partnerships we are finalizing now: The three residents that are hearing impaired are getting new and cost free replacement aides. That is happening next week.

The second partnership is being worked out with a tech provider who needed to partner with a 501c3 who can replace lost or damaged electronic device needs. ABEP will pay the costs up front so residents do not have to. More details later this week will be provided to residents.

We will continue to provide regular updates here and in our newsletter.